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1. timwinfred 50
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3. shaHUNK 25
4. MartinsBreakfastBurritos 25
5. SeverusNate 20
6. StarBroMax 20
7. BuffTim 20
8. EduardoTheSnake 10
9. AhoyMichaelChoi 10
10. SpagettiServedCold 10

Recent reviews:

Black Lotus

I want this card!

tendergreensroy says: Great card, can't afford.

Tibalt, the Fiend-Blooded

Such a special card...

SpagettiServedCold says: This card was the first mythic I ever pulled. It has a special place in my heart but that is all. This card has no place in any deck that des...

Mirari's Wake

My Favorite

Shofoo says: This card is hands down my favorite, for its versatility and sleeper game breaking. Doubling your mana makes it a must have.